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‘Illuminate On Demand.’ Illuminate on Demand offers pre-recorded classes that can be viewed in high definition and will keep you motivated and engaged right throughout the class, just like we’re right there with you. And you won’t need to join on Zoom, just find the video you want, push play and go.

New videos will be added weekly to the library. 

You can sign up today for the Illuminate Virtual Studio, $19 a week which will give you access to all live stream classes and Illuminate On Demand so that you can do Yoga or exercise any time you like. Memberships can be cancelled at any time. (Please note: The on-demand library will be available from Thursday)


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The on demand classes in the library have been pre-recorded (they aren’t Zoom sessions) and there are full length classes as well as some shorter ones so you’re covered no matter what you need whether it’s a quick sun salutation session for the morning, bed time Yoga for a restful nights sleep as well as some full length Yoga and Pilates classes. There are also guided meditations, which will help you tame the monkey mind or  quieten your mind before going to bed at night. 

Which Class is right for you?